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Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Tuesday 3/2/04

I didn't go to class today...I was too into my dream that I didn't wake up in time... bet I didn't miss much...besides we were just gonna review the last 3 chapters for tomorrows test. Anyways back to my dream...why do they have to be ssoo unrealistic?? why cant they come true?? it really sucks...w/e
I didn't end up doing anything today...I slept in, went to the gym, came back home, ate away all the calories I burnt off...watched some TV...walked the dogs...played w/ Alvin...took a nap and now my cousin Marcela got me hooked to this blog crap...which I don't mind cause it keeps me from going insane...one of these weekends im gonna have to go visit her up in Gainesville just to refresh my mind and see new faces...theres really nothing to do here...or maybe I just take everything for granted and not appreciate what I have...guess I'll never know until I move out...

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